"You Just Get It!"

I.  Earning, winning, achieving

  A.  Wages

  B.  A trophy

  C.  An award

  D. No place to deep..

II.  Miracles

  A.  Show that Jesus is God

    1.  Heal

    2.  Nature

    3.  Demons

    4.  Life

  B.  Prophecy of Kingdom

    1.  Perfection

      a.  No illness

      b.  No strorms

      c.  No evil

      d.  No death

  C.  Examples of God's grace

      1.  The cup runneth over

III.  Gifts of God's grace

    A.  Forgivness

    B.  Salvation

    C.  Eternal life

IV.  You just get it!