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I.  The Arian Heresy

  A.  Arius 300 a.d.

    1.  The Son a creation of the father

    2.  A lesser god

    3.  Polytheism

II.  The council of Nicea

  A.  325 a.d. in modern Turkey

  B.  Refuted Arian heresy

  C.  Based belief on Scripture

  D.  Creed

    1.  Latin word Credo

      a.  To stake one's life 

III.  Colossians/Scripture the final authority

  A.  Image

    1.  Not as in a mirror

    2.  A manifestation

  B.  Creation

    1.  Visible and invisible created by God

  C.  First born

    1.  Refers to incarnation

    2.  God becomes flesh and blood

  D.  Son as creator

    1.  John 1:3

      a.  created all things

      b.  not one thing without him

  E.  Son of God not a lesser god

    1.  God from God

    2.  Light from light

    3.  True God from True God

IV.  Our belief based on Scripture

  A. Not other sources

    1.  Bishops

    2.  Vote of Councils

    3.  Vote of Assemblies

  B.  The Word of God