I.  Trees

  A.  Joyce Kilmer

    1.  only God can make a tree

  B.  Jesus and nature

    1.  Smelling the roses

      a.  Appreciated nature

    2.  He created the world

    3.  Tree parables

      a.  A fruitless tree

      b.  From a seed

II.  What tees do

  A.  Their purpose

    1.  Oxygen

      a.  Curb pollution

    2.  Stop erosion

    3.  Habitat for wildlife

   4.  Cool our planet

   5.  Bring beauty to the world

III.  A tree and the confessional church

  A.  Confessional church

    1.  Preaches whole Word of God

    2.  Administers sacraments

  B.  Trees and churches

    1.  Oxygen and Spirit

      a.  Both give life

        i.  Forgiveness, salvation, life

      b.  The Word as weapon

        i.  Paul and Ephesians

        ii.  Destroys the pollution of evil spirits

    2.  Erosion of faith

      a.  False churches

        i.  We don'd need to follow the Law

        ii.  Taverns as places of worship

      b.  Confesional church

        i. Preaches whole Word of God

        ii.  Roots in the word faith not eroded

   3.  Home to God's creatures

    a.  Confessing church welcomes all

      i.  All children of God

    b.  No ranks or hierarchy

    c.  Speaking in tongues

    d.  Suffering 

  4.  Cooling down the environment

    a.  Blessed are the peacemakers

    b.  Bring peace and harmony

    c.  Cool things down

      i.  Heated words

      ii.  Heated actions

  5.  Adding beauty

    a,  Displaying the beauty of creation

    b.  Display he beauty of God's people

    c.  Trees make a beautiful back drop

      i  The church displays the beauty of all the God has done

IV.  Immanuel is a tree

  1.  Leaves, twigs, and branches

    a.  All are a part of the tree

    b.  All are needed

  2.  Tree planting

    a.  April 13  8:30 a.m.

    b.  All should attend.