"On This Confession..."

I.  The confessing church
  A.  1934 Germany
    1.  Control by Hitler
      a.  Military
      b.  Media
      c.  Universities
      d.  Arts  
      e.  Churches
    1.  Remained faithful to God and His Word
    2.  Oppose Hitler and his teachings.  
II.  On this Rock
  A.  Church built on CONFESSION
   B.  Saved by grace through Faith
III.  Confessing church
  A.  Gospel rightly taught
    1.  Sola Scriptura
      a.  Scripture alone
      b.  Scripture interprets Scripture
  B.  Sacraments properly administered
    1.  God's mystery
    2.  Through the elements and the Word
    3.  Forgiveness, salvation, eternal life
IV.  A persecuted church
    A.  Threatened and brutalized
    B.  Confessing Church survived
    C.  Immanuel a confessing church.