“The Work of the Spirit”

I.  Doctrine

  A.  Fundamental beliefs

    1.  Taught by the church

  B.  Doctrines

    1.  Holy Trinity

    2.  Vicarious Atonement

    3.  Resurrection

  C. Doctrines formulated

    1.  Scripture

    2.  Reason

    3.  Faith

II.  The Trinity

  A.  Three in one

    1.  God the Father

      a.  Creator and sustainer

  B.  God the Son

      1.  Jesus

        a.  Teacher

        b.  Miracle worker

        c.  Redeemer

   C.  Holy Spirit

      1.  Calls, gathers, enlightens

III,  The Word of the Spirit

  A.  Creates faith

    1.  Romans 8: 15-16

    2.  Work

      a.  Word and Sacrament

  B.  A walk to Emmaus

      1.  Two Travelers

        a.  Broken hearted

      2.  Third traveler

        a.  Explains Scripture

      3.  The breaking of the bread

        a.  He is risen

   C.  Word and Sacrament

      1.  At church

      2.  Hear and participate

    D.   Prepared for life?

      1.  Taking care

        a.  The gym

        b.  Education/seminars

        c.  Regular check-ups

    E.  This life

      1.  Trials

      2.  Stress

      3.  Tests

   F.  Spiritually prepared

      1.  Church

        a.  Word

        b.  Sacraments