"Here Am I.  Send Me!"

I.  The flood of '93

  A.  Volunteers

    1.  Minnesota

      a.  Baby care

    2.  Canadians

      a.  Re-building

II.  ILC Mission Trips

  A.  17 years

    1.  High schoolers and adults

    2.  One week

    3.  N.D., Ark, Mi, Mo

   4.  238 volunteers

III.  Who shall I send

    A.  Isaiah

    B.  Jesus

    C.  Apostles

IV.  A royal priesthood

  A.  The holy catholic church

    1.  Not just a few

    2.  Glamorous jobs

    3.  The first five minutes

      a.  Three things

V.  There are no small ministries

  A.  Who shall I send

  B.  Send me in the fellowship hall