"Saved By Grace for Works"

I.  The Last Day

  A. Judgment day

    1.  Charges read against us

  B.  Separation day

II.  Criterion for separation

  A.  Saved by grace through faith

  B.  Saved for works

III.  Lip service is not enough

  A.  Matthew 7: 21

    1.  Not everyone who says Lord

  B.  Ephesians 2:10

    1.  Created for good works

  C.  Titus 3: 8

    1.  maintaining good works

  D.  James 2: 18

    1.  Show faith by works

IV.  Responses to God's grace

  A.  Orphanage in India

  B.  Youth mission trip

  C.  Soap, towels and toothbrushes

  D.  Meals for the heartland

V.  The Augsburg Confession

  A.  Necessary to do good works

VI.  Two commandments

  A.  Loving God

  B.  Loving your neighbor

    1.  Loving God by loving the neighbor