"You're All Welcome Here"


I.  Following Jesus

  A.  Seeking answers

    1.  Why do people believe in Jesus?

    2.  Why do people go to church?

    3.  What do people hope to gain

II.  Why they followed

  A.  Seeking material blessings

    1.  Health

    2.  Wealth

    3.  Happiness

  B.  A different show every week

  C.  Clients

  D.  To become a star

III,  What people really seek

  A.  A happy accident

    1. Someone greater than themselves

    2.  Message of moral clarity

    3.  Unconditional love

    4.  Forgiveness

    5.  Hope

    6.  Acceptance

IV.  Jesus is the answer

  A.  God in Christ

    1.  Moral clarity

      a.  Love God and your neighbor

    2.  Seek justice, not revenge

    3.  Unconditional love

      a.  God's enemies

    4.  Forgiveness

      a.  Go and sin no more

    5.  Hope

      a.  The resurrection is coming

    6.  A community of sinners

    7.  We built this place for you...