I.  Jesus and Iowa weather

  A.  Changeable

    1.  Don't l ike it

     2.  Wait twenty minutes

  B.  Jesus like the weather

    1.  Don't like the Temple

    2.  Wait twenty minutes

II.  Jewish Law

  A.  Atonement for sin

   1.  Offered at least once a year

    2.  First born, no blemish

 B.  The Temple

  1.  Merchants and corrupt officials

    a.  Animals meeting standards

    b.  Perfect animals for say

      1.  Increase of 200%

  2.  Buy and selling God's grace

    a.  Sellers and buyers

    b.  Both desecrate the temple  

      i.  Sellers making money on sin

      ii.  Buyers cheap grace

   3.  Cheap grace

    a.  Forgiveness no confession

    b.  Salvation no repentance

    c.  Eternal life no commitment

III.  The church through history

  A.  Buying and selling indulgences

    1.  An indulgence

      a.  Buying time out of purgatory

  B.  The Reformation 1517

    1.  Luther rebels

  C.  John Paul 11 1999

    1.  Indulgences are payment for sin

      a.  Christ's death

        i.  Was not complete

  D.  Today's churches

    1.  No law

    2.  Do what you want

    3.  God will forgive

    4.  Why did Christ die

 E.  Trail mix and the Bible

    1.  Can't pick and choose

  F.  The sacrifice

    1.  Body and blood the cost

    2.  Go and sin no more