I.  God's dysfunctional family

  A.  What is a relationship

    1.  Way to people are connected

    2.  State of being connected

II.  Relationships 

  A.  They don't just happen

  B.  Relationships are hard work

III.  Nine keys to being connected

  A.  Verbalize your love

    1.  How did God tell us he loves us

    2.  How do we love God

  B.  Showing affection

    1.  What we do

  C.  Appreciate your partner

    1.  Thank God in word and deed

  D.  Share yourself

    1.  Volunteering in His house

  E.  Be there for your partner

    1.  Faith not a guarantee storms wont come

    2.  God has our backs

  F.  Give gifts

    1.  What gifts have God given us

    2.  What gifts can we give to God

  G.  Quality alone time

    1.  Just you and God

  H.  Don't take partner for granted

    1.  What if God turned his back on you

  J.  Live the Golden rule

    1.  Treat God like you want to be treated

IV.  How to have a relationship with God

  1.  Having a relationship with God my way