My dad used to jokingly say, “There are only two sure things in life. Death and taxes.” I think we can add a third: Psalm 136: 2 “O give thanks to the God of gods, for his steadfast love endures forever.”

Here the Psalmist says, there is only one thing we can depend on for sure and that is God’s love. It is a certainty. It never fails, it never leaves us in need. That promise of everlasting love is sealed in the blood of God the Father’s son, Jesus Christ.

“There is no greater love,” said Jesus, “than laying down your life for your friends.” There are two key take “aways” here.

First, the laying down of one’s life is not an emotional act; it is an act of the will. Sacrifice like that is driven not by feelings, but by a conscious act of the will. Counting the cost and then going ahead with the sacrifice is done by sheer force of will.

Second, “for your friends.” Jesus Christ is saying here that we are his friends. Paul declares that while we saw God as an enemy, God saw us as his friends. We may do things for family because they are “blood.” But to do so for friends is a very high compliment indeed.

During this time of year, our thoughts just naturally turn to being thankful. The point is that if you are not thankful to God, just who are you thankful too? I am thankful too God because he gives me everything I need. Sure, I want a pile of money. Sure, I want to live in a mansion. Sure, I want designer clothes. Sure, I want the “latest and the greatest,” whatever that might be. But what God gives me is what I need.

I need food, clothing on my back, a roof over my head, some kind of transportation, health, and blessings for my whole family. That’s what I need and that is exactly what God gives me. For this Thanksgiving don’t become pre-occupied with the “wants” that you don’t have. Instead, be thankful to God for the needs that you do have. That is what Thanksgiving is all about. Thanking God for supplying our needs.

Veritas, Curt