I saw an interesting article the other day entitled, “Nine Reasons People Aren’t Singing in Worship.” The reasons are as follows:

1. THEY DON’T KNOW THE SONGS. With new songs being released and sung weekly, it does not give people the opportunity to learn the songs. Add a new song a month and sing it every week so people get to know it.

2. WE ARE SINGING SONGS NOT SUITABLE FOR CONGREGATIONAL SINGING. Many new songs are written for soloists, have too wide a range of notes, and rhythms too difficult for the average person.

3. WE ARE SINGING IN KEYS TOO HIGH FOR THE AVERAGE SINGER. The people we lead in worship generally have a limited range and do not have a high range. When the song goes too high, they just quit singing.

4. IF THE MUSIC IS TOO LOUD, THEY QUIT SINGING. If the people in worship cannot hear the people singing around them, then they quit singing. If it is too quiet, they won’t sing either. The right balance has to be found.

5. WE HAVE CREATED WORSHIP SERVICES THAT ARE ENTERTAINMENT. When the lighting, the staging, the music, the visuals demand too much attention to those on stage, people in the pew feel they are watching a performance.

6. THE CONGREGATION FEELS THEY ARE NOT EXPECTED TO SING. Worship leaders are often so intent on making worship more like a stage production, instead of inviting the congregation to join in the worship experience.

7. THE NEED FOR A COMMON HYMNODY. Very similar to Number 1. Just as there are a certain number of hymns in the hymn book, so the number of new songs should be limited as well.

8. WORSHIP LEADERS AD-LIB TOO MUCH. Keep the melody clear and strong. The congregation is made up of people with limited musical ability. When the leaders stray from the melody, the people quit singing.

9. WORSHIP LEADERS ARE NOT CONNECTING WITH THE CONGREGATION. Leaders often get caught up in their own music production and lose sight of the real purpose, which is to lead in worship.

Veritas, Curt