“The NEW YEAR is one of the most important things in life. Comes to us very clean, it’s perfect when it arrives and puts itself in our hands. It hopes that we have learned something from LAST YEAR.”

For far too many of us the things that drive us, the things that give us meaning, the things we believe will bring us satisfaction are wealth, fame, and power. Since early on we were told that wealth, fame, and power were the signs of success. The reality is that these things are what the “world” says are important. Jesus said, “You are in the world, but don’t be of the world.” What Jesus meant by that was to place the meaning of your life in something far greater than what the world has to offer. The Word of God tells us that if we want to walk in the light, instead of stumbling around in the dark, we should embrace the “3 F’s.”

1. FAITH in God. It means worshipping, not when there is nothing else to do or when it is convenient, but worshipping regularly every Sunday or on Wednesday, spending time in God’s Word, spending time daily in prayer, spending time in daily devotions. Draw closer to God in 2019.

2. FAMILY. That means making quality time for our families. Sharing our values, our beliefs, and our FAITH with our families. The faith is to be passed on parent to child, parent to child. The less time we, as parents, spend in our relationship with God, the less our children will spend with God, and their children’s children, until one day there may be no more faith.

3. FRIENDS. That means developing friendships with other people who share our values and our FAITH. Choose friends wisely. Choose friends who are walking in the light of God. Friends who will support you and your FAITH, not people who will lead you away from God and His truth. Friends who have your “SIX” and will not betray you.

This NEW YEAR comes to us clean and perfect. For 2019, let the 3 F’s lead you into God’s LIGHT!