From Pastor "C"

I saw an article the other day put together by a pediatrician who works with terminally ill
children. He asked each of these dying children, “What is really important in life?” We
read in Isaiah 11:6 that, “…a little child shall lead them.” So, take a moment and let
these little children lead you.

1. Spend less time on line and more time with people. Real relationships, lasting
relationships happen in real life not in the artificial online world.

2. Dogs make life better. There is no more faithful companion than a dog. You can
tell your dog your secrets and they will share them with no one. They will never betray
you and they will love you unconditionally.

3. Spend more time with parents. Call your parents, write you parents, eat dinner
with your parents, go to a movie with your parents, sit on the porch with your parents.

4. Read more. Not in magazines or on line. Get a book, a classic, and read it.

5. Worrying is a waste of time. And when the end comes we all wish we had a little
more time. Don’t waste time worrying about things that will, in the vast majority of
cases, never happen.

6. Everyone loves the beach. Feel the sand between your toes. Breathe the fresh
sea air. Build a sand castle. Sit and watch the waves roll in and let those waves carry
your worries back out to sea.

7. Be kind. You can’t make it any clearer than that.

8. Laugh. Make jokes, laugh at yourself, laugh with others, laugh til you cry. It makes
life a whole lot easier.

9. Toys. Take time to play with your toys. Less time on line and watching TV. Play
with your toys.

10. More time with my family. Turn off the computer, turn off the TV, turn off your cell
phone, turn off the tunes and spend time with your family because the day is coming
when they won’t be there any more.

11. EAT MORE ICE CREAM! Don’t know what to do? Feeling alone? Feeling down
in the dumps? Go get an ice cream cone.

Jesus said, “I have come to give you life and give it to you abundantly.” These
kids got the message. There are no guarantees that you will live a long life. But no
one, no power anywhere can stop you form living a FULL LIFE.