TUESDAY OF HOLY WEEK, MATTHEW 22: 8 "The wedding is ready, but those invited were not worthy."  These words come from Jesus’ parable about a wedding feast. All of the invited guests had received their “SAVE THE DATE!” invites. But when the actual time of the wedding came around all had their excuses as to why they weren’t coming. And that’s what they were, “excuses. When the host got the word that no one was coming he saad, “But those who were invited were not worthy.” What makes us worthy? Is there anything we can go to make ourselves worthy to accept the invitation to become followers of Jesus Christ. A man was invited by a pastor to come to church and accept Christ as his savior. The man replied, “I will one day. It’s just that I am not good enough now.” The pastor replied, “Don’t you understand, none of us are good enough. Jesus accepts us as we are.” What makes us worthy is the grace of God. What makes us worthy is believing that we need salvation and accepting the invitation from God. Amen.