Luke 8: 22 The Son of man must undergo suffering, and be rejected,…and be killed, and on the third day raised.

 Go to many of the mega churches across the country today and they seldom mention sin or talk about the cross. They affirm that we are all good people and that God loves us just the way we are. This is right out of the “church growth playbook.” We don’t want to offend people because then they won’t come back. So, if we are all good people and God loves us just the way we are, why in the world did Jesus die on the cross? His death then must be pointless and God, the Father must be some kind of a sadist. Peter didn’t want to hear about the suffering and death of Jesus but Jesus scolded Peter for his not wanting to hear about sacrifice and death. None of us likes to think about that, but we must because it was our sin that sent Jesus to the cross. A debt was incurred, the bill had to be paid, and our big brother Jesus stepped up and paid the bill. The Bible does not gloss over sin and the sacrificial death of Christ and neither should we.    Amen.