Luke 9: 30 Suddenly they saw two men, Moses and Elijah talking to him.

The transfiguration is one of those pivatol events in the Gospels. This event takes place shortly before Jesus makes his way to Jerusalem and his appointment with the cross. Jesus never made a move without the guidance of the Father. He always sought the guidance of the Father and here Jesus comes to the Father asking if it is time  to go. Suddenly both Moses (the representative of the Law) and Elijah (the representative of the Prophets) appear to give guidance to Jesus. In the moment that Jesus is advised that it is time to go to die, in that moment when Moses and Elijah affirm what Jesus was going to do, Jesus is glorified. If you remember back in time Moses said he wanted to see God. God replied, “If you see me in all my glory you will drop over dead.” Here Jesus is glorified, affirmation from the Law and the Prophets that Jesus death was the right thing to save all humanity from sin and death. Hopefully this picture of the glorified Christ would get the disciples through those three days in the tomb. When we hit tough sledding, remember the Transfiguration for it is a promise that Christ will return in glory.     Amen.