“…but it did not fall.”  Jesus continues on with the idea that faith shows itself in action.  Not reading the instructions is kind of a guy thing.  If I have to read directions then it kind of diminishes my intellect, my skill, my “guyness.”  The problem is that half way through the assembly process you realize you made a mistake back at the beginning.  Jesus uses the image of building to describe the Christian life.   It is not just reading directions but it is following the directions.  If we follow the directions (live out the faith in daily life) the “house we are building can face the most difficult storms of life.  We may face illness, suffer loss, lose a loved one, but we overcome because of the strength of our faith life.  If we hear God’s Word, if we live out God’s Word, then nothing in all creation can separate us from God’s love.  If the foundation of our lives is built on faith in God’s Word, nothing can shake that foundation.  Amen