“…and great was its fall.”  I bought a kit to make a desk many years ago.  After I looked at the picture of the desk on the box, I opened the box, pulled out all the parts, cast the directions aside, and built the desk.  When completed, I called my wife to show her what a great job I did.  She looked it over.  Circled around.  Asked me what the extra pieces were for, and then grabbed the directions.  She leaned slightly on the desk and it began to buckle.  “Uh, those extra pieces are to keep the desk from buckling,” she said as she handed me the directions and walked out of the room.  Jesus is telling us that if we do not live out the faith, if we do not use the Word of God as our directions, as our blue print of life, eventually we will be overcome and our lives we will come to a crashing end.  Follow the directions.  Amen.