Luke 10: 30 - 32  “…leaving him half dead…a priest and a levite passed by on the other side.”

The road from Jerusalem was a hazardous way to travel in Jesus’ time.  It was illed with robbers, so the story that Jesus tells is right off the front pages.  Here is a man in desperate need of help.  Along came a priest and a levite, leaders in the Jewish faith.  One would expect them to show compassion, but they don’t.  According to the Law, if you touch a dead body you can’t lead worship.  Adherence to the law, wanting to lead worship so the folks could see them, their own arrogance made them overlook a man in need.  There are times when our self-invoked importance must give way to compassion for others.  The Son of God tells us that we dare not overlook the needs of others.  Our faith is not a “show piece.”  It means a compassionate, practical service.  Amen.