Luke 8: 42 & 43 he had an only daughter…who was dying…there was a woman who had been suffering from a hemorrhage.

As we said in an earlier devotion that it was believed that only God could heal the sick, raise the dead, control nature, and control the demonic. In this eighth chapter of Luke we see Jesus doing all four. He calms the storm, casts out demons, heals a sick woman, and raises a dead girl back to life. These miracles say a couple of things. First, that Jesus the Christ is God. No question, no doubt, no debate. He is God. Second, these miracles are given to us a sign of hope. A sign of what things will be like when Christ returns. Evil will have no power over us, the storms of life will cease, illness will never happen, and death is a thing of the past. When Christ returns all things will be put right. These miracles point to that certainty. Amen.