Immanuel Lutheran Council Update 10/1/2020

Immanuel has resumed in-person services with the following guidelines to keep everyone safe:

  • Hand sanitizer and disposable face masks are available in the foyer.
  • Masks are required during the Saturday 10am service.¬† This service is for high risk members¬† ¬†and their families.
  • Masks are strongly encouraged for Sunday and Wednesday services for age 3 and older, especially during the singing portions of our services.¬†Studies show singing can swiftly spread COVID-19 as it produces more airborne particles over talking.
  • No hymnals, song sheets, or bulletins will be used.¬† All information will be displayed on the video board.¬†You may temporarily take a hymnal for personal use and return at the end of this pandemic.
  • Every other pew will be open for seating to provide adequate social distance from one another. Closed pews are marked off.¬† Preferably couples and single family units sit in the two middle rows. Family units should sit together in the outside rows by the windows. Please keep the recommended distance between family units.¬† Please use the entire space of the sanctuary.¬†Currently we are able to seat 86 individuals.
  • We will not have greeting during service nor will we be passing the offering plate. An offering basket will be available in the back or you may continue to use our online giving options.
  • Please follow the ushers‚Äô direction during communion distribution.¬†Remember to continue 6 feet social distancing between family units when receiving the elements. The communion server will wear gloves and a mask during the distribution.
  • We will not be able to provide a nursery at this time. However, we will have the cry room available for parents if needed.
  • We will not be providing coffee and cookies between services at this time in the fellowship area.¬† However, as weather permits, coffee will be available outside the north entrance.
  • Areas of touch (Pews, door knobs, etc) are sanitized between services for your safety.
  • We discourage social gathering before and after services inside the church.¬†If you wish to visit please do so outside.
  • In order to protect our staff, who are here daily, the area outside Pastor and Erin‚Äôs offices is closed for gatherings and meetings.¬† The restroooms in this area are for staff only.
  • For those who are not yet ready to return or who may need to stay home, we will continue providing our service on our Facebook and web pages.
  • Be respectful of each other.¬† Everyone‚Äôs social distancing comfort zone is different as is the choice of wearing a mask.
  • The council continuously monitors the level of infection in our community.¬† We will keep everyone informed of any updates or changes in our guidelines.

Immanuel Lutheran Council Update 10/1/2020

This pandemic has dramatically changed our lives and turned our world upside down.  We must all be concerned about the safety of each other and ourselves.  

 Please practice these 5 W's:"

Worship safely, if you do not feel well, stay home

Welcome avoid hugs, handshakes, touching 

Wear a mask strongly encouraged 

Watch your social distance, keep 6 feet space between yourself and others

Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer often


-ILC Council