Immanuel Lutheran Council Update 5/4/2020

Immanuel Family,

     Your church council met last night to discuss opening worship at Immanuel. After an extended discussion, we decided to continue online -services-only for two more weeks and meet again to evaluate the situation. Our reasoning considered inputs from members, input from medical professionals that are on the council and the fact that Dallas county, itself, is not open yet. Given these thoughts, we feel the safest action is to give it another two weeks and see what trends look like at that time. 

     We appreciate your patience in this process. We also solicit your input! Please don't hesitate to contact any one of us. Our hope is that, in two weeks, we will see the county open up and the illness numbers begin to level. If that happens, we have every hope that we can start meeting shortly after that. 

ILC Council

Immanuel Lutheran Council Update 4/22/2020

Dear Immanuel Family,

As we see May approaching, ILC will continue to follow the procedures outlined at the beginning of April. Please continue to check the ILC website and Facebook page for updates. If we see any relaxation in government guidelines, we will make appropriate changes to our meeting schedule. 



Immanuel Lutheran Council Update 4/7/2020

Dear Immanuel Family,

We, on your church council, just wanted to say thank you!

People and organizations seem to always let you know when they need something. They make a big deal out of creating concern; in some cases, creating guilt. People step up; they give, and that’s the last you hear!

We don’t want to be part of that group. March giving was at the same level as January and February! Considering that many of you had to make a special trip to the church to give or put your gift in the mail, THAT IS A MAJOR BLESSING! We wanted to say thank you for keeping up your gifts to this ministry and for allowing Immanuel Lutheran church to continue to spread the gospel.

The council met Sunday night for our monthly meeting, most of us expecting a fair amount of gloom and doom, given the pandemic and fear that’s out there. What we heard was something completely different. This church family is doing well! You are participating, you’re checking on each other, you’re letting us know what you need and making good use of what the Immanuel staff is providing!

This thing is not over. Going into the next couple of months, we ask you to keep doing what you’re doing. The real economic and emotional effects of this disease are just now starting to appear. Some companies are beginning to figure out how they will furlough or terminate workers to deal with reduced business. The numbers of new cases in Iowa have not “topped out” yet. That means keep us in the loop! Not only what you need but if you know someone else in our Immanuel family who is in need. We have seen God’s blessings in so many ways in the past month. People stepping up with talents we didn’t know they had. People going out of their way to care, to work, to encourage, to love.

Thank you for continuing to support this ministry. Thank you continuing to let us know what we need to do to make it better. Thank you for your trust. Thank you for your faith in Jesus Christ.

ILC Church Council

Immanuel Lutheran Council update 3/31/2020

Dear Immanuel Family,

We promised we would update you on our plan for activities at the end of the month. We’re there! The council met last night via internet meeting software to discuss our situation and plans for the next few weeks. Specifically, Holy Week and Easter.

Barring any changes that might come from the government, we feel bound to continue cancelling any large gatherings at Immanuel for the month of April. As you have seen and/or read, we will continue to offer online services and devotions at our website ( and through our Facebook page. Our youth programs will continue providing online activities, meetings using online meeting software and mailed out activities.

For Holy Week, we plan to offer a new online worship service on Maundy Thursday and on Good Friday. For Easter Sunday, we will offer online worship and we will provide drive through communion again, at the church from 10 to 12 Easter Morning (Apr 12th).

The public questioning and confirmation services for our confirmands will be postponed until we can begin meeting as a church family again. As we said in our last message, small size meetings (prayer meetings, Bible study, private baptism or communion, etc.) can still be scheduled at the church. Contact the church office (987-4089) or one of the council members to schedule these.

All of the groups and committees in the church are continuing activity. Members have gotten creative with standard phone contact, surface mail, and online meeting software. Check with the office or a council member or group leader to find out how you can continue to be involved!

Please check in regularly at the Immanuel website (or call the office, if you are not an internet person) for updates. As soon as any of the guidance relaxes, we will begin meeting again staying within any updated constraints we might receive. We have seen incredible creativity in the last few weeks but we know we haven’t seen everything! If you have ideas or inputs on other ways the Church can serve, please call any of us.

It’s clear that the limited contact and social distancing is having a positive effect on the spread of the virus. It is also clear that distancing, for a social people, is taking its’ toll on each of us. This is a time to lean on each other as a church family. We are all one phone call or text away! Better yet; take time to call another member of the congregation and just to say “hi, how are you doing?!”. We will pray for each of you and ask you to do the same for us and for this Immanuel family.

ILC Church Council

Update from ILC Church Council 


Members of Immanuel family, we will cancelling all of our planned activities in the near future to comply with the latest federal guidelines. All of our youth activities are cancelled until 13 April to match the scheduled closure of the Waukee school district. At this point, we will also cancel all planned worship for the next 2 weeks and evaluate the situation again at that time. 

We are setting up capability to webcast worship services. Refer back to the ILC website for updates. We hope to have something available by this weekend. Worst case, we will have the sermon audiocast available, like always. 

We also recognize the need to gather to share prayers and concerns. To accommodate those needs in our congregation, if any small group (10 or less, to follow federal guidelines) would like to gather at the church for Bible study, prayer or support, please contact the church office or, outside office hours, “Duke” Duhachek  and we will make the facility available to you for gatherings. We could also organize small group meetings if members show an interest in this type of activity. 

Please feel free to contact any ILC Council member with input or questions. (email address’ can be found in The Voice.) Contact the church office (515-987-4089) or one of us if you are self-quarantined and let us know how we can help. And contact Rawley King if you would like to be put on the Quarantine Help list (to run outside errands for those members in self-quarantine). We are trying to walk that fine line between honoring the government guidelines and supporting the needs of you, our fellow believers. 

A bit of news this morning gave a “finite” character to our current situation! China only reported ONE new case of virus yesterday! They are on the down-hill side of their epidemic. This is a reminder that this infestation has a beginning AND an end. The two week separation guidance is intended to get us all to that end sooner. We are reminded that God does not have a beginning or an end and He is with us at every turn. As a community, we pray for His help and guidance. 

In Jesus’ name.

A Message from ILC’s Council:

Romans 8:28 - "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose."

We know people are concerned about the virus. The ILC church council met last week and we are taking several actions in a common sense approach to being prepared for whatever GOD calls us to do. We plan to continue with all our scheduled services and activities. If individual activities decide to cancel or postpone, we will send out a mass email to let you know. The precautions we are taking to make our gatherings as safe as possible are as follows:

1) If you don’t feel well, stay home! (The sermon is available each week on the ILC website.)

2) Hand sanitizer, Lysol and wipes are available around the church.

3) Door knobs and handles around the building have been disinfected and will be wiped down before any church activities.

4) We will refrain from personal contact: handshakes, hugs. (Wave, bow, smile, speak, just don’t touch!)

5) Offering plates will be placed in the entrance to the Sanctuary for people to leave their offering when entering. Offering time, during the service, will be meditation time at the end of which ushers will bring the offerings up to be placed on the altar.

6) Communion servers will wear food service gloves and drop the bread into your open hands.

7) Coffee hour will continue BUT servers will wear serving gloves and snacks will be given out with tongs, once again, to limit contact.

8) Cleaning scheduled will include disinfectant on all surfaces, play areas, etc.

9) If you are keeping yourself at home, due to concern or sickness, contact the church office so we can help you get the things you need!

10) These actions will be briefed at both services Sunday and an information insert will be handed out with bulletins.

Yes, this is a bit scary BUT the verse doesn’t say “And we know that in certain things, God….”, it says ALL things. This is just one more thing. With God’s help, not only will we get through this, we can be an example of how people of faith deal with this!

updated: 3/14/2020