Quite simply “stealing” is taking anything that does not belong to you without the consent of the owner. That which does not belong to you could be a person, place of thing. You might “steal” another man’s wife. Of course that is also breaking the “adultery commandment.” You might steal a “place in line,” or a piece of property. You might “steal” an answer off a test or “steal” an idea and pass it off as your own. Refusing to work and figuring someone else will give you money is “stealing.” A person can cheat, embezzle, pick pocket, shop lift, plunder, abscond, swindle. Call it what you will, it is still stealing. You have no right take something that is not yours. In fact Mart Luther said, “We should help our neighbors protect their property.” Most stealing is caused by coveting, which we will cover a little later in these devotions.   Amen.