Luke 17: 20-35 “Remember Lot’s wife.”

Jesus knew his time with his disciples was coming to a close. He knew in a short time he would be crucified, risen, and ascended. What he needed to do was give them hope. Hope of a great future. Hope of the Kingdom in which peace, justice, and love would prevail. For that hope you must look forward. “Remember Lot’s wife.” She looked back, she wanted to live in the past. The people of God are the people of the future. The future hope of the Kingdom is what keeps the church going in the most difficult times. As God says in Jeremiah, “I will remember your ‘passed’ transgression no more.” God wants us to look ahead, not at what was, but to tomorrow. Above all else the followers of Christ are a people of hope. We hope, we look forward to that day when Christ will return in glory, will raise and reunite the dead with their loved ones, and will institute the Kingdom where there will be no more sickness, no more death, no more war. We pray, “Come Lord Jesus!” Amen