Luke 18: 15-17 “…whoever does not receive the Kingdom of God as a little child will never enter it.”

In Jesus day, under Roman law, children were a commodity, like livestock or slaves, they could be used, abused, neglected, and even put to death by parents without any concern for legal retribution. Yet here, Jesus raises children above everyone else. It is the child’s helplessness and the child’s trust that makes him eligible for the Kingdom. The child recognizes that he has nothing and can do nothing on his own. The child also trusts that his parents will take care of his every need. The child does not come in from play asking his mother, “Is there going to be any dinner?’ No, he comes in asking, “What’s for dinner?” The child has total trust that his parents will supply him with what he needs. It is that total trust in God that enables us to receive God’s grace. Amen.