EXODUS 20: 16 “You shall not bear false witness.”

I lived in a very small town for about six years and if you wanted to catch up on what was going on in town you went to the local café. There was always someone there who was sharing some gossip. As they used to say, “I don’t say anything about my neighbor unless it is good. And boy of boy is this good.” We would then be treated to some juicy story which was never verified. “Bearing false witness,” lying, fibbing, a white lie, the truth is that these are just other ways to break commandment eight. I don’t like gossip. I don’t like lying. I knew a man who said he never told lies. And he was right he never did, he just got other people to lie for him. He was a married man and was seeing another woman. But he got a friend to tell other people she was just a friend. Later he admitted they were in love. He never lied. He just got others to do it for him.   Amen.