Luke 7: 1 - 2 …A centurion who had a slave who was close to death…the centurion sent Jewish elders to Jesus to ask for healing.

 If there was anyone who was hated more than a tax collector by the Jews it was the Roman Soldier. But this centurion (one who commanded one hundred men) was different. He was loved and respected by the Jewish elders and when his slave became ill to the point of death, the elders went to Jesus to have him heal the centurion’s slave. Once again we see the importance of faithful people acting on behalf of others. It was the elders’ love for the centurion and their faith in Jesus that prompted them to act. Love motivates us to love our neighbors as we love ourselves. Faith in God motivates us to do things we would never ordinarily think of doing on behalf of others. The elders were motivated by love and faith. Our love and faith should motivate and lead us to intercede with God on behalf of others. Amen.