Luke 6: 48 & 49 …One is like a man who building a house laid a foundation of rock…One is like a man who built a house without a foundation.

When adversity hits, when the crisis comes, when your life is shattered by the storms of life what is it that keeps everything in tact. Is it money? But what happens if we lose every dime we have? Is it power? But what happens if we lose power? Is it fame? But what happens when we lose fame? Like the man who gained the whole world but lost his soul. I knew two brothers. When the mother died, the brother who had no faith threw himself on mom’s casket. He wept, his beat his breast., and he cursed the God he didn’t believe in. The other brother took his young son’s hand and said, “We will see grandma again. It is only a matter of time.” The man who wept and cursed had no foundation, but the man who assured his son that they would see grandma again had a foundation built on faith. The second man built his house on the “sure and certain hope of the resurrection.”   Amen