Luke 10: 41  Martha, Martha you are worried and distracted by many things.

Will Rogers once said, “You could stop the U-boat menace of World War 1 by boiling the ocean.  When the U-boats came to the surface, you could just blow them out of the water.”  When asked how he would boil the ocean, Rogers replied, “I just get the big ideas and leave the little details to someone else.”  Martha was bogged down in the details.  Were the table settings correct?  Would the meal be appetizing?   Would he like the lamb or would he have preferred chicken?  How often in life are distracted from God by the little things in life?  We lose sleep, we worry over the most petty things.  Turn it over to God.  Listen to his word, get a good night’s sleep and you will be amazed at how differently things look the next day.  Keep your focus on Jesus and everything else will work out just fine.  Amen.