Luke 3: 10 “And the crowds asked John, ‘What then should we do?’”

When John the Baptist arrived it was like a clean wind swept across the land. His message, God’s message, was one of repentance and action. Repentance means to turn and go an opposite direction. If you are traveling North and “repent” you are turning 180 degrees and going South. John said, the repentant person needs to turn from the world’s way and walk God’s way. Asking for forgiveness without turning your life around is not the message of the Word of God. I knew a man who wanted to hear nothing but grace. Then he would turn right around and continue to sin. He did not want repentance he wanted a free pass to go on sinning. John said we need a life change. Give love instead of hatred, forgiveness instead of revenge, kindness instead of cruelty. “What then should we do?” Repent and live a new life according to the Word of God. Amen