Behold I am with you to the end of the age.
The thrill of the holidays is over.  The tree and the lights have been taken down.  Mercifully we have had the last of the leftover Christmas Turkey and things have returned to normal.  Cold, bleak January sets in with its snow and winter winds.  The days are short, the darkness comes way too early.  We are thrust back into the hum-drum of life.  Work needs to be done, assignments turned in on time, and deadlines must be met.  Our lives seem rather empty and our purpose seems meaningless.  But then the message of the gospel bursts into our lives.  A message which says, “God is with you in both the good and the bad times, the joyous and the sad times.  We are reminded once again that life has meaning because life with God is a life of meaning and purpose.   Why am I here?  To be God’s hands, feet, and voice in the world.  To live a life dedicated to God, live a life of honesty, integrity, justice, and compassion.  Just because the holidays are over does not mean that God has left us.  In fact God promises to be with us from this moment to the end of time.