Luke 5: 27 – 28 …and Jesus said to him, “Follow me.” And he got up, left everything, and followed him.

Jews who became tax collectors for Rome were hated by their fellow Jews. The tax collectors were seen as traitors to the nation, traitors to the Jewish faith, and to God. They were the lowest of the low. Tax collectors were treated like lepers. So, why does Jesus call Levi (Matthew) to follow him? Jesus never did anything by accident or on a whim. What he did and said he did and said with a purpose. So, why call a traitor, why call the scum of the earth to follow him. To show, to display, to make everyone certain that no one is beyond the Grace of God. That anyone and everyone is redeemable. I knew a man once who never went to church. He was not a nice man, he was among other things a racist. One evening a friend came to visit and said, “Bill you need to give your life to Christ and come to church.” Bill replied, “I not good enough yet.” The friend replied, “That’s the point Bill, none of us are good enough, but God wants us anyway.” Bill gave his life to Christ, and he became a different man, a better man. Christ calls all of us and if we follow, he will do the rest.   Amen