Luke 5: 20   When Jesus saw their faith, he said, Friend your sins are forgiven.”

What is a friend? Someone who will move a mountain or tear off a roof for you. You know the story: a man is paralyzed and his friends have such faith in Jesus, that they bring the man to Jesus and he heals them. Jesus does not heal the man because of the faith of the paralytic, for all we know the man had no faith at all. But Jesus healed the man because of the faith of the friends. This event tells the believers how important is it for us to pray for, to support a friend who has no faith. Jesus said, never quit praying for someone. He also said where two or three agree on something God will hear their prayer. Our faith, our belief, our prayers can and do change the lives of those who have little to no faith. Praying, believing for someone one is not a one time event. But it is sometimes a long process. It may even take years, but the rewards are great. So, if you have faith and you are a friend, you don’t have to move a mountain or tear off a roof, but you can believe and pray for someone to be uplifted by God.    Amen