So they went with haste and found Mary and Joseph, and the child lying in the manger.
Webster defines a manger as: “a long open box or trough for horses or cattle to feed from.”  What else would you expect a baby who was born in a stable to lie in.? A manger of course!  Filled with fresh straw, the manger would make a comfy bed for a newborn to lie in.  But was there something symbolic here.  Thirty-three years later Jesus said, “I am the bread of life.”  In the night he was betrayed Jesus took some bread, thanked God for it, broke it and said, “This is my body given for you.  Do this in remembrance of me.”  Then Jesus took the cup, thanked God for it, and said, “This is my blood shed for you for the forgiveness of your sin.  Do this in remembrance of me.”  The body and blood of the Christ are both food and drink that brings us forgiveness, salvation, and eternal life.  Maybe the next time you receive Holy Communion you will think of the manger in a whole different light.