Luke 18: 18-30. “But when he heard this he became sad, because he was very rich.”

Contrary to popular belief, “Money is not the root of all evil.” Rather, “It IS the LOVE of money that is the root of all evil.” Money is a “thing” it is not good or bad, it just is. Loving money, believing that vast amounts of money will give us all that we need, and doing anything and everything to get money that is wrong. Luther said, “A god is that to which a person looks for his highest good.” The rich young ruler’s god was money. It was his be all and his end all. Yet is was precisely his love for money that kept him from God and the Kingdom. In the gospel of Mark, we are told, Jesus looked at the man with love. Jesus knew that as long as the rich man’s god was money, there would never be any room in his heart for God’s grace. The rich man went away sad, because Jesus told him to get rid of his love and faith in money and replace it with love and faith in God. I wonder if the rich young ruler ever touched another coin without thinking of Jesus. Amen