PSALM 23: 3 “…he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name’s sake.”

Years ago while out playing paintball in Oklahoma I got separated from the rest of my team. I followed a path until I came to a fork. One path lead North, the other West. Which should I take? As I stood there pondering which direction I should go, from around the bend came one of my team. He came to find me, to lead me down the right path. To be righteous does not mean to be sinless. It means to be what God intended you to be. To do what God called you to do. To follow God wherever he might lead you. The path can be level ground, it’s easy going. But sometimes you have to ford a creed, or climb a hill, or walk on a narrow ledge. As the old saying goes, “God will not lead you where is grace cannot keep you.” Follow the Way, and you will never get lost. Amen.