Hello from St. Louis! Today was day 3, Our crew went to a domestic violence shelter for women and children. We helped to set up apartments for new residents to live in! We chose sheets and items for the kitchen to add to the apartments!

Another crew went to Gateway Greening community garden and helped weed and cut bushes to make the garden look better! Our third group went to a nursing home and talked to the residents! After that we all came back and had a disscusion about racism and how to see people through God's eyes.

Next we went to a very fun community cookout! We ate with members of the community, and a lady came and sang (Hayley was jamming out)! Then some community members danced and we all clapped and danced along!

Finally we had a minister come and give us a sermon about accepting our sins and God's forgiveness. We all came back and had worship, and may have gotten the lights turned off on us while trying to blog this. Alright we're gonna hit the hay, LOVE YOU MOM!!

Hayley and Claire