Hello Immanuel Lutheran family! This is Caty Henriksen coming at you live from St. Louis, Missouri. At breakfast this morning I decided to be vegan...for a good 20 minutes. Today was our first day at the work sites. Chad, Piper, Jackson and I started off the day at a nursing home. We brought the residents to chapel for "praise and sing." At times it was hard to understand them, but overall it was nice to get to know them. The second part of the day we spent at Campus Kitchen. We made food and delivered it to people across the street.ย  This was truly a remarkable experience. During our free time we went to a pizza place called Pi. Fun fact: it is Barack Obamas favorite pizza place in St. Louis. After a great dinner, we went to the Gateway Arch. It was nice to go all the way to the top and see all of St. Louis from 630 feet above. Anyways I should probably let someone else talk now. Hopefully I will talk to you guys again soon.ย 

Auf Wiedersehen!

Hey guys, it's Chipper Pipper right here in St. Louis. I was in the same group as Caty Cat with J Smitty and Chad Daddy, so you know the whole layout of today. We had a ton of fun with all the inside jokes. One of my favorite things that happened today was when we delivered meals to a senior apartment facility that me made from Campus Kitchen. The fun part was when me, Caty, and Jackson were on the 17th floor delivering our meals and I accidentally said, "Campus Chicken!" instead of, "Campus Kitchen!"

Thats all! Goodnight from Piper and the squad. God bless you all and goodnight!