Hey hey party people! Its Ashlee Miller coming at you live from St. Louis, MO. Thats right we are still alive... well at least I am. JK we are all safe and happy. The day started off great and because of the two vans  we switched the people around every two hours!! Steve did get us lost but he figured it out very quickly so we still made good time. Our group has been split into three. This trip should be very eyeopening and informative. I look forward to a fun uplifting week!

Ashlee Miller signing off. 

Hello and welcome to my TED-talk. This is Caitlin Renee Henriksen. I am in a very good mood because my group for the week is Piper, Jackson, and Chad as our "chaperone". Our group name is the Bread Co. Bagels. Which is the best thing ever if you ask me. I will be back tomorrow with more spunk and jazz to make your day brighter. It is time to go to sleep now so we can get some good rest for tomorrow. 

Thank you and goodnight! -Caty Henriksen.